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"Beauty resides in the asymmetrical, the non-quite-matching-up-ness of things, the unexpected, the quirk."


Asymmetry is Montreal’s most innovative waacking company. They’ve taken top honours at several major battles.  They are passionate about sharing their love for waacking, that is why they are going global, judging battles, performing dance ­theater productions and bringing workshops to countries such as Japan, China, South Korea, USA, Rwanda, Russia, France, Haiti.... We aim to push the boundaries of Waacking to a higher technical difficulty and to use this dance to express our crazy ideas.




Company: Asymmetry

Lenght: 10min

Year of creation: 2017

Artistic Director : Axelle Munezero,

Original music by : Truwayz

Choreographer & Dancer : Axelle Munezero, Fanny Bergeron-Labrecque & Alexe Lebel-Faille

Némésis @vanessafortin 23jpg.jpg
Némésis @vanessafortin 2.jpg

Nemesis takes place in a world where there is no order, no laws and no history. After an era of great darkness and destruction, everything needs to be build again. A group of women manages to survive in this hostile environment by creating their own identity, language and their own way to defend themselves. Inspired by the ancient art of waacking, the strength of these warriors rests on the power of their arms and the serenity of their mind. By uniting control, velocity and precision, they cast powerful attack on their enemies to remain the strongest race alive. Although they are fierce and dauntless, they are still at the mercy of their inner demon.

Company members

Directed and Choreographed by Axelle “ Ebony” Munezero

Alexe Lebel-Faille aka Nebulous



Fanny Bergeron Labrecque aka Blue Velvet



Video projects

INSTAGRAM : @asymmetry.creations