Lonely Warrior

Choreographed + Performed by : Axelle "Ebony" Munezero

Filmed + edited by Nathan Kim

Artistic Directed by : Véronique Bossé

Music by: Beyries

Its not easy to feel that you’re alone in your journey, we all are at some point.


Waacking freestyle

Shot by : Qewly Films

Los Angeles CA

Year: 2018

Axelle Munezero Creature comfort

Dance Cover Starring Axelle Munezero
Featuring music from Arcade Fire - Creature Comfort


Elemental Dance Series | Wind | Handreas Stefano

The second episode of Handreas Stefano elemental dance series. After the previous episode, water, now he humbly present to you: The Wind.

"For this episode, I had a chance to shoot with a friend, a passionate dancer, and also a true artist all the way from Canada, Axelle Munezero a.k.a Ebony. With her mesmerizing and hypnotizing dancing style called Waacking, both of us worked together in creating a concept to convey the characteristics of the Wind.

The wind itself is truly a unique thing. For me, it's full of philosophy and things to learn from. All of which I am still unable to comprehend completely even now. Just the sense of it's being "there" but not actually "there" and how it brings you chill down the spine, or the sense of home and contemplation space when it brushes softly through your face.

Do you have your own experience about the wind?"


Directed by Handreas Stefano


Often, immigrants arrive in North America dreaming of a better life but the chaos of our fast paced culture and debt often catch up, fostering doubt on their "better life". 

Music: http://www.afrotronix.com/

Caméra/ Editing/ Directing: Mat Rich

Dance and performance: Axelle Munezero, Ricky Saint-Jusna

Effects: Marc-André Cossette

New Territory

Collaboration between five artists from Canada and Indonesia

Two creature meeting each other for the first time in a new territory.

Film director : Mat Rich and Handreas Stefano
Dancer : Axelle Munezero and Suzan Natanael
Music producer : Poirier
song title : Kypoli feat. Machinedrum & Aleisha Lee

Asymmetry-Invention No. 2-

creation with the student at Myster studio in Osaka Japan

Asymmetry is a dance concept developed by Axelle "Ebony" Munezero using waacking dance technique.
The idea is to separate rythmically the movement of both arms.
This study was made on Bach Invention No.2 that studies how to play 2 voices at the piano.

Director : Mat Rich

Choreographer : Axelle Munezero



Asymmetry creative process:
"Started with one simple question : what if i can have my hand independent in the way piano players do, can I work with one melody with my right arms and an other melody with my left arm.

Hugo Levasseur was kind enough to create an original piece just for this research ,to choreograph this piece I worked closely with the piano score to learn as specifically as i could the rhythm of each hands. I contacted my old friend Brandon Blommeart to help me make this concept more visual. Brandon  work on the amazing Just a reflector video in which i was the main character , working with him again was an honour and he really helped make this concept a bit more graphic with his animations. Véronique Bossé came in the mix to help me  artistically direct the whole thing, to give me advises on some tough decisions , she was absolutely essential to the process , especially during the shooting since i was staring in this first video. To film all of this i reached out to Mat Rich; a video producer that is super ambitious and works really hard on anything you give him.

For a first one i’m pretty happy with the result , learned and will keep growing." Axelle Munezero

Crédits :
Choreographer and Dancer: Axelle Munezero
Music Silhouettes by Hugo Levasseur Déziel
Artistic Director: Véronique Bossé
Animation: Brandon Blommaert
Video production: Mathieu Richard

Just A Reflektor

JUST A REFLEKTOR is an interactive short film that explores the themes in Arcade Fire's "Reflektor" through two devices simultaneously: the computer and smartphone/tablet. Directed by Vincent Morisset and filmed in Haiti , the story follows a Axelle Munezero who travels between her world and our own.



Choreographed by Axelle and Ricky, this duet explores how to tell a story with dance with simplicity.

My woman is the story a man who tries to help his alcoholic wife.

Camera and montage by Alex Lebel-Faille

Song : Pilote Jones - Frank Ocean


«Beyond» by Foret Noire
What if waacking was the body language of human beings from another planet or universe? Captivating and unique, this performance takes you anywhere you want. Interpreted on Lyndsay Stirling amazing sound and inspired by pictures of geometrical sculptures, a new world is created and you’re invited to step into it! 


Forêt Noire is Montreal’s most innovative and active waacking duo. Created in 2009 by Axelle Ebony Munezero and Martine Cherry Bruneau, this acclaimed duo takes waacking to a whole other level. Forêt Noire fuses the richness of dark chocolate with the sweetness of cherry — Ebony and Cherry, a decadent treat.