Ebony is  my waacking alter ego

Ebony is well known dancer, choreographer and teacher that has a mature understanding of waacking. Started 8 years ago she proved herself to be a unique artist. Ebony won Step ya game up twice ( 2010 and 2014) and won other renowned battles such as Bust a Move and House Dance International. She also won the award for DANCER OF THE YEAR in 2014 at the Gadfly Award in Toronto. Blessed with international exposure she's been teaching , performing and choreographing around the world : Japan, New York, China , Russia , Kazakstan , Vietnam , Haiti , Burundi , Taiwan , Korea , morocco, and many more. With the help of her partner cherry in Foret Noire , Ebony has developed her own style "Asymmetry" and is still working in finding new ways to express and teach waacking.

Asymmetry style workshops

Waacking freestyle solo