Freestyle is something I do for myself. It's the simple act of dancing to the music and just expressing what you’re feeling in the moment with the tools you have as a dancer. No choreography, nothing planned, just free flow of movement. Freestyle allows me to explore, to learn and to find new paths in my body. It's also a great tool to create, to share with people and to let all the energies and emotions out of your body. To do so, I use all the street dance techniques I've been practicing over the years and all the other dance styles I may have touched.

Whacking is a dance that was created in the 70's. This dance gives me the freedom to express my femininity in a soft, yet strong way. It also allows me to explore the concept of musicality by using music that we're not use to seeing whacking on such as: electronic, soul, indi ... I've been whacking since 2008 and I'm still pushing to get better.

Hip hop is the style that helped me find my identity in the North American culture. It was a way for me to make peace between my country of origin and my new home. It gave me a new culture in which I recognized myself. Hip hop was more a culture to me than a dance.

House allows me to connect with my inner feelings. Its footwork is limitless and it helped me explore the concepts of weight and space around me. House is a style that I learned for myself, so I can enjoy freestyling, listening to deep house in clubs and parties.

Contemporary is pretty new to me. I only started 5 years ago and I'm still learning about the connections in my body and how that affects my movement. This style helped me understand the mechanics of movements and how my body works. I use contemporary as a tool and mix it with my street dance styles.


Freestyle Battles I Won

  • Supernova - Whacking - Taiwan - 2018
  • Step Ya game up-Whacking-New York - 2010/2014
  • H20 Let your Art flow-Hip Hop/Contemporary-Montreal - 2015
  • Klondike Heat- All styles- Whitehorse, Yukon - 2015
  • Soul Full Night- Freestyle-Osaka, Japan - 2012
  • Queens Creation-Hip Hop Montreal - 2014
  • House vs Hip Hop - Montreal - 2013
  • Bust A Move- Whacking- Montreal - 2012
  • Shut up N dance- Hip Hop - Montreal - 2014
  • House Dance international-Whacking- New York - 2010