I had the chance to choreograph and dance for amazing artists in the music industry, for TV shows, for movies and commercials. I love the idea of working with another artist and trying to understand their artistic vision so I can build something in which they can find themselves. It's a great experience for me and it often makes me go out of my comfort zone and try new ideas. Even if the work that I do is presented in a show business context, I always put a touch of my own artistic flavor in the work. Here is some of the projects I've done so far.

 "DANSER POUR GAGNER " TV SHOW- Semi Final - Opening Number


hit the floor all star showcase - international whacking crew

Choreographer/ Dancer

Blood and Glass


Axelle Munezero is a FORCE OF NATURE!!! Her choreographies are so creative and tight, she had us all shaking in disbelief from the first rehearsal to the day of the shoot. She is a visionary who put together a team of talented dancers, and I could see her using her imagination as she directed them on every beat. Axelle made our song come to life. She embarked on our vision of creating something sexy and girly with a creepy twist. She layered classic 1950s glam-girl moves with rapid waacking dance moves and the result is fantastic. She was able to picture it all so well in her head that when we saw it on camera, our jaws dropped. The hardest part about working with Axelle is that I can’t stop dreaming about working with her again.
— Lisa Iwanycki Moore, a.k.a. Blood and Glass


Choreographer & Artistic Director

She’s the best in town for the kind of art I do ( modern and afro). With a level of professionalism rigor that ensures the desired quality. A gift that the city have to offer
— Afrotronix


 Concept and choreography by collective KASSÉDO; Marie-Reine Kabasha , Lakesshia Pierre , Nindy Banks and myself

Axelle and I chatted quite a while ago about doing a video together. Finally, the timing was right for both of us when I composed my tune Jump feat. Red Fox. From the moment we agreed to do the video, Axelle not only showed great talent, but her involvement was also total regarding the concept and the organization related to the video. I couldn’t ask for better partner and I wish to do more project with her!
— poirier

Rime Salmi


Axelle is an artist who reinvents herself from project to project and song to song within a project. I was moved and blown away by her work every time I’ve had the chance to collaborate on a show/music video. Working with her is extremely gratifying for me as a singer Songwritter; she is the kind of artist who takes your art, something you cherish and put your soul into, and creates visual and emotional beauty around it, beyond expectations. And to top it off, she is of utmost professionalism. My team and I loved working with her, what a gem! Thank you Axelle!!!!!!
— Rime Salmi



Working with new technology has always been a passion for me. Working on this project made me develop so many skills has I have to choreograph on an hollogram. The body doens respond the same way the relationship with the other dancers is different , so many things are to be discovered and thats what I love about this project.
— Axelle

Arcade Fire

Choreographer & Dancer-Watch video at

«The heroine is more akin to a goddess than a normal human, her dances and moves seem to invent new directions and ideas rather than flow as you would expect.The most fun is that she tricks you into thinking you are really interacting with her, and this illusion takes over and carries you along.»
— - UNIT9 , 2 octobre 2013,

Static Gold

Choreographer & Dancer

As one of the founders and keyboard player of the Montreal-based band Static Gold, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Axelle on several occasions. In addition to Axelle’s professionalism, she masters the craft of dancing through her technical and artistic talent. Notorious for her waacking skills, Axelle’s dancing transcends all stylistic boundaries as she has shown the ability to adapt her dancing to all sorts of musical styles. Perhaps one of her greatest assets is her ability to explore and understand the larger picture of any given project. This allows her to truly use dancing as a tool to bring a project to life in such a manner that it is in line with the artistic vision of that given project.
— Sam Chaco, Static Gold




Choreographer & Dancer


Les Dieux de la danse - Choregrapher Opisode 5 -Novembre 2015

Art Tv Commercial- Choreograppher/dancer

STEP UP 5 ALL IN-Dancer- Blueprint Dance Company