You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.
— Galileo Galilei

I  teach waacking and creation labs because these are the two things that I constantly work on and in which i have my own reflection, my own way of thinking. I'm constantly trying to understand and look deeper into the way I teach and I love pushing my students to find their own understanding of waacking or creation.

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Waacking Workshops/classes : I travel a lot to teach waacking workshops around the world, its my own way of giving back to the community. The workshops are built depending on the needs of the studio who invited me and my goal is to inspire them and give them another point of view. I have been teaching workshops since 2010 all over the world: Japan, korea, hong Kong, China, Kazaksthan, New York, Russia, Haiti, Vancouver, Taiwan, Vietnam... I also teach a weekly class in Montreal every sunday. 

Creation Lab: In this class, I focus on the creative aspect of street styles. I use any style that the students are use too, since I have a training in most of them. It’s a class in which we build a piece with a creative process and the students work on their performance skills. It doesn't matter what the level of the students is and what style they are used to, the purpose is to develop their creativity and explore their own identity in a choreography. Street styles are not often used for creations and we still have a lot to learn, so I also use this class to learn myself. I started teaching with this approach with Elixir, a dance troupe I trained at Urban-Element Zone and I’m now seeing the benefits and how this method can help other students.