Whacking intensive

“Create beauty in a way that is uniquely yours”


One week to work both on the technique and the creative process of a solo. The goal of this intensive is to bring out the uniqueness of each dancer and use that to create a beautiful piece of art.

2018 Whacking Intensive

Stephen  Quinlan 

Whacking intensive 2018- Filmed by Do Phan Hoi

Stephen has incredible charisma and during the week we worked on incorporating it more into his dance. Sensitivity and authenticity. A pleasure to discover this beautiful artist.


Alexandra Marquis

Whacking intensive 2018- Filmed by Do Phan Hoi

This lady is so beautiful both inside and out! We worked to use her physical strength differently! Being gentle and emotional is also a strength. Look closely and her aura will keep you captivated.


Taylor Yeung

Whacking intensive 2018- Filmed by Do Phan Hoi

I do not have enough words to explain how strong this woman is. What she shared with us is priceless. Dancing with your heart will always be there to remind you of the strength you have in you and it gives you the courage to go through any difficult moment. Taylor really managed to open up to us, the intensity in her eyes gave us shivers every time. See for yourself!



Whacking intensive 2018- Filmed by Do Phan Hoi

Alexe, the quiet storm, she has so much control, but yet so generous with what she gives. Her subtleness lets us image our own story and her power drags us into her dance. Mysterious, delicate and impactful. She makes very smart, artistic choices and that's what makes her stand out. In the intensive she worked on pushing one specific character playing around with one idea and here's the beautiful solo that appeared from all this research. Alexe has been in the Asymmetry family since the beginning and I was so glad to have her with us.


Solène Filion Danis 

Whacking intensive 2018- Filmed by Do Phan Hoi

what a beautiful mystical creature. I love to watch her sultry movement.A feast for the eyes has she creates beautiful images in the space. She seduces us and brings us into her parallel universe, keeping the tension from beginning to end. A beautiful discovery for me, a great way to be feminine and at the same time unique and mysterious.